Our rapid deployable mobile solar energy generators can be used for emergency response and disaster relief 


large mobile energy solutions designed to meet professionals' demand for reliable & clean energy

There are currently a large number of small portable solar energy solutions targeted end consumers and people with limited energy consumption. Anton Energy works with large scale, renewable, heavy duty energy solutions. Our mobile generators are autonomous and self-propelled units that instantly provide a vital and high quality supply of electricity. All of our products are built into standard shipping containers which means they can be transported by truck, train, boat and plane.

Rapid independent solutions for a wide range of challenges

Solar-powered generators are extremely useful in situations that require quick action, because they eliminate the waiting time. To be dependent on traditional diesel generators often involves the need to find fuel or wait for fuel to be delivered. With solar power there is no need to wait. Solar powered generators can be crucial for maintaining vital infrastructure, including health services and medical care.

The Helios can also help ensure clean drinking water in cases where the water supply is poor or polluted. In the events of floods or earthquakes water systems and water pipes may be damaged, causing water contamination that can lead to a variety of waterborne diseases including dysentery, cholera, typhoid and hepatitis. Solar powered water filtration is an inexpensive, quick and low-tech way to get clean water to people in need. It only requires electricity and heat to disinfect. 

Benefits of solar powered generators

  • Quick installation and easy setup
  • Clean and silent electricity 
  • No harmful exhaust fumes 
  • Dependable, reliable electricity, ensuring continuous operation of power-hungry equipment.
  • No exposure to dangerous fuel transport in high risk areas

In preparation for future disasters, Anton Energy works cohesively with large NGO's, local stakeholders and professionals in the field. We help organisations rethink how they use power during a crisis and how our clean energy solutions can make a palpable difference during a disaster.