Anton Energy joins United Nations list of sustainable energy providers

We’ve been lied to. We’ve been told that progress comes with a price tag. And that price is bad air. You can have jobs and a brisk economy alongside gas guzzlers and smokestacks. Or you can stagnate in poverty and clean air. That’s what we were told. But it simply isn’t true.

The truth is: you can grow business, develop industry, and bring a better standard of living to undeveloped countries, all while lowering the damaging carbon dioxide emissions that threaten the world with catastrophic climate change. Sustainable energy solutions, like solar panels and wind turbines, are the key to progress without climate disaster.

The United Nations recognizes the importance of energy acquisition in developing countries. That’s why the UN launched its Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL) Initiative, led by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Many of us take it for granted that we can get warm in winter and fire up our laptops. But over a billion of the world’s people have no access to power like that. They have no protection from bad weather, no way to work in the dark, and little to no internet access. The United Nations’ ambitious SE4ALL initiative has set the goal of energy access for everyone by 2030.

Let’s break that down. Universal energy access means everyone has the ready use of modern energy. It also means that current energy systems must improve. The SE4ALL goal is to double the rate of improvement in energy efficiency. And, last but certainly not least, universal energy will mean increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the world’s energy mix. The UN goal is twice the current amount of renewable energy.

To achieve these goals, the UN will work, in part, through the United Nations Foundation which was created to manage the one billion dollar endowment made to the UN by Ted Turner.

Renewable energy providers are the key to achieving the UN’s universal energy commitment. So the United Nations Foundation has put together a roster of companies and stakeholders committed to the mission of bringing clean power to the powerless. Anton Energy is one of the most recent members of this Energy Access Practitioner Network. The network spans 170 countries and aims to provide clean, affordable, reliable, and decentralized power across the planet.

The UN also has seventeen sustainable development goals. Here at Anton Energy, we have embraced the seventh of these global goals and made it our own. That goal is “affordable and clean energy,” and it is our company mission.

We have a clear vision of a world where everyone has light, heat, the ability to communicate remotely, and reliable medical equipment. In that world, people can improve their lives, get good jobs, start businesses, and go to school to learn new things without having to struggle against failing and outdated power grids. We leverage the sun to bring power into your home and homes across the world. We believe you can have clean air AND progress.