Mobile, heavy duty solar powered generators and hybrid power generators for military applications


Tailor-made energy solutions that continuously provide clean and silent power in all conditions 

In high-risk disaster areas and war zones it is notoriously difficult and costly to deliver fuel for diesel generators and vehicles.

Under such circumstances, there is a considerable risk of attacks on transport and supply routes, which causes the end price of fuel to be extremely high. In 2009 a Pentagon report to the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee revealed that the US military spends considerable amounts of money on fuel in Afghanistan.

The country's lack of infrastructure, challenging topography and the ever increasing attacks with roadside bombs is a logistical nightmare for the US military. When the fuel finally arrives at the remote areas, the price per liter of diesel exceeds a staggering $100.

In such situations, there is a lot of money and lives to be saved with a solar powered generator that produces clean electricity without the need for continued fuel supply. At the same time it operates silently and unlike conventional diesel generators produces no CO2 emissions or strong thermal signals, which can be easily detected.