Our scaleable clean energy microgrids and hybrid power systems can be used by communities or businesses in remote and rural areas.

Microgrids are democratising power

Microgrids allow communities, institutions, or individuals to power smaller communities and decentralise power from utility providers. And many people are quickly realising the importance and benefits of local energy generation. Microgrids are becoming rapidly popular in developing countries, where a microgrid can provide villages and communities in rural areas with all the energy they need throughout the day.

Microgrids are also ideal for business and industry customers in areas with no grid connection or with an unreliable grid. Anton Energy design and produce hybrid microgrids which include a combinations of solar and wind energy, diesel generators, energy storage and grid connection.

Flexible and scaleable 

With our custom solutions, flexible approach and proven expertise, we deliver advanced microgrids that offer grid independence – without forfeiting the benefits of being part of the central grid. Our scaled approach allows us to deliver innovative and economically feasible microgrid solutions with greater speed and precision than other vendors.

We recognize every client has different goals and different reasons for going solar. Be it high electricity or diesel costs, grid instability or government incentives. That’s why we offer a flexible microgrid design featuring a scalable set of grid components designed to efficiently manage your entire energy infrastructure, including distributed energy resources, storage, and load demand.