The Helios - The World's largest mobile solar powered and hybrid powered generators.

The Helios

The Helios is a series of solar powered and hybrid power generators. It's build into standard ISO containers facilitating transportation whether by truck, train, boat or airplane.

The product line is comprised by a variety of models and sizes - from smaller units with 20 m² to the biggest model with a whopping 120 m². Making it the world's largest mobile solar powered generator.

The Helios comes with CE approval and has an IP55 classification. Additionally, it can also be certified by German TÜV and The Danish Technological Institute.

The Helios is a fully automatic, standalone solution. A high tech product packed with sensors, programmed logic control and a range of other functions. The product series is designed to be durable, allowing it to be used outdoors throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. It requires no installation and only minimal maintenance.

The solar panels are lifted and unfolded by a central hydraulic telescopic mast. Sun tracking ensures maximum energy output and is performed by a hydraulic rotating system. The Helios has a built in anemometer which means that the solar panels are automatically placed in a horizontal, wind-free position in the event of high wind speeds.

Besides the standard products Anton Energy offers a number of added options such as the following:

  • Integrated GSM module which allows technical data to be tracked and monitored through a web-based interface, enabling technicians to identify problems and control an unlimited number of devices.
  • Serial connection module makes it possible to connect two or more units thus enabling a higher energy output.


energy storage

We offer a range of different battery storage possibilities. We build customized storage solutions at your request based on capacity and technology. All of our energy storage packs come with a state of the art battery management system which protects the batteries from discharging - thus ensuring battery efficiency and life expectancy.


All of our Helios generators come with an extended options program. Choose from a wide variety of different add-ons and tailormade solutions, such as; backup dieselgenerator, 
remote control & monitoring, 
light tower kit, WIFI, temperature protection, special inverters and much more.